Make Your Print Ads Interactive with QR Code Marketing

You may have seen these bizarre-looking symbols on a store front or Realtor sign and wondered what it was. These are QR Codes—scannable bar codes that act like web hyperlinks. A cell phone users scans it and is directed to a website, video, or a URL on the Internet.

Users must first download a QR Reader app, which are available for both iPhone and Android smart phones. Once installed, the app uses the phone’s camera to scan the QR Code.

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Although QR Codes have been around since 1994, they have recently gain a boost in popularity over the past year. In fact, from January 2010 to January 2011, QR Code scanning increased by 4,549 percent in that one-year period.

Web Links Everywhere!

The power of QR Codes is that they act like web hyperlinks that you can place anywhere. In January of this year, a Chicago hair replacement center created quite a buzz by placing a QR Code on its billboard ad. Within three weeks, they had generated enough business to pay for the entire campaign. The article goes to to say:

Qr codes are impacting the print industry more than any other factor in recent years. It is allowing print to go interactive. Qr codes are being used by retailers on catalogs and printed ads. Cereal boxes and other packaging have also begun using qr codes. According to a recent Nielson study, by December of 2011, more than half of U.S. cellphones with have smart technology. There is a new wave of advertising in printed media and qr codes are leading the way.

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