Here’s my straight-up advice on cold-calling: if you have a way of generating enough revenue some other way, don’t do it.

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But, wait … you say you’re not generating enough revenue and need a way to find clients or customers immediately? Then cold-calling just might fit the bill.

According to expert Scott Channell, cold-calling works best when:

  1. You’re a new business who needs clients right away
  2. You’re in a slump and must meet and sell, or die.
  3. You’re seeking higher-quality accounts and need to clone your best client

Let me make something perfectly clear. Cold-calling is a lot like hunting. After you’ve gorged yourself on a kill, you must do it all over again, or starve. That’s why early Man eventually figured out how to plant crops. If you rely on a single source to find clients, you won’t be very successful. Marketing is more like a team than a shotgun. And cold-calling can be a valuable member of that team.

Cold-calling is a great way to land new clients immediately. Yet, if done wrong, it’s an exercise in frustration and a colossal waste of time. But it is a skill that can be learned.

Nothing replaces proper training, but if you want to dip your toe in the water, here are links to cold-calling articles I’ve written both here and on SitePoint:

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