Because, for most small business owners, it does.

You see, most people who run a small business decided to do so because they had a particular set of skills and figured that they could make more money working for themselves rather than working for the Man.

Unfortunately, none of those particular skills necessarily included marketing.

So by default, many neglect this all-too-important aspect of their business because, let’s face it …  for those who know little about it, marketing sucks.

That’s where this blog comes in:

“Taking the suckiness out of marketing for the small business owner”

About Me

I’m the former owner and partner of web firm, Jenesis Technologies. Today, I’m Director of Marketing for Haines and Company and its two divisions, Haines Direct and Haines Local Search.

My introduction into the world of business and marketing began at age six, when my dad and his brother started their own company. And I don’t mean they paid $60 to become Amway distributors. I’m talking about the “take-out-a-second-mortgage-to-rent-a-building-and send-your-wife-back-to-work” type of business.

Although we were successful overall (eventually growing to more than 20 employees) we always seemed to struggle making ends meet. Seeing this, I vowed never to go into business for myself.

That didn’t really work out, because in the late 90’s, I broke my own vow and started a web design business. A few years later, I teamed up with two partners and Jenesis Technologies was born. Since that time, I’ve met many small business owners like my dad and uncle who’ve risked everything to build a dream, yet  fail to grow that business to its fullest potential—oftentimes due to a lack of sales and marketing skills.

My Mission in Life

Guy Kawasaki, venture capitalist and author of The Art of the Start, gives this advice to budding entrepreneurs: Before you can make money, you have to make meaning, and that there are three ways to do so:

Increase the Quality of Life

My dad went into business to increase the quality of his family’s life. (And he did.) My desire is to help small business owners to the same, by showing them how to successfully market their business.

Right a Wrong

As I write this, our economy struggles to pull itself out of a recession, and many business won’t make it. I think that’s wrong—plain and simple. My desire is to help right that wrong, whenever I can.

Prevent the End of Something Good

When I meet men and women like my dad who have risked all to start a business, I cannot help but hold them in the highest respect. When I see them struggle, I cannot help but want to prevent the downfall of their hopes, dreams and desires that caused them to start that business in the first place.

Business thought leader Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. If why I do this inspired you, even a little bit, please let me know.

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