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Local Search Marketing

Are you a local business struggling with online marketing? I work for Haines Local Search, a company that specializes in helping local businesses get found online.

Whether you need just a basic website, help with social media, or comprehensive online marketing program, we can help.

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Advertising & Marketing Consulting

Ever had a newspaper advertising rep tell you you’re better off advertising in the Yellow Pages? Did your mailing list company recommend you advertise online instead? Of course they didn’t.

Yet, advertising sales reps often position themselves as a “trusted adviser” who can help you with all your marketing needs. Problem is, they have a conflict of interest—they need to sell you their product or service in order to make a commission.

If you need an non-biased consultation, I can help. I’ll take an objective look at your business, its products and services, then recommend a course of action that best fits your type of business—not one that happens to fit a particular suite of services I sell.

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Sales & Telemarketing Training

Have a sales team that needs help? Need to launch a telemarketing department? As a telemarketing manager and sales trainer, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to achieve success in both face-to-face selling and generating leads over the phone.

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Sales Training Bootcamp

An intense, online training course especially geared towards web designers, developers, and SEO specialists who need to learn how to sell their services more effectively.

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Strategic Business & Marketing Plans

Need to develop a business or marketing plan? Figuring that out  is a lot like trying to read the label from inside the bottle. Having a fresh, outside perspective from someone who’s been there before can provide valuable insight into how to position yourself in the marketplace.

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In the wake of “The Great Recession,” many of your competitors are holding back on their advertising and marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire their customers! If you’re looking for ways to find new customers—without wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work—then contact me today.

Get Web Design Clients!

If you’re struggling to get clients, then Web Design Clients Galore could make the biggest difference in your web design business this year.

Web Design Clients Galore

Learn how to get a constant supply of high-paying clients, and all the web design projects you want.

Web Design Clients Galore

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Thanks for visiting. I’m a Marketing Evangelist, Blogger and Sales Trainer.

I get excited about geek stuff. But I’m also passionate about helping people and companies reach their fullest potential and becoming wildly successful.

That’s why I love helping businesses figure out how to market (especially web marketing) and why I train sales people to be the best they can be at what they do.

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