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In a recent SitePoint article, I painted a hypothetical scenario about how to make a living in the web industry. I said if you need to earn $50,000 a year and your average project is $2,000, you must land a minimum of two clients a month … to which one commenter pleaded:

“Really interesting, but please help us find clients!”

That plead reflects a recent study, in which 76 percent of small businesses owners said attracting new customers is their “top concern.” And 69 percent said it’s the #1 challenge they face.

It was certainly the #1 challenge I faced when starting my web business. Yet I quickly learned that all marketing boils down to “finding” and “being found” by potential clients. Here’s how to do both:

How to Find Clients

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How Do Clients Find You?

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Free eBook: How to Start Your Own Lead-Sharing Group

Want to meet more business owners and decision-makers in a month than you could in two years of cold-calling? Build your reputation and credibility? Be perceived as an expert? Start a lead-sharing group! Read more …

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