The Art of Pricing

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The Art of Pricing

Everyone who decides to sell their services will agonize over the question of “How much should I charge?” Having an effective pricing strategy in place is a key factor to your success.

The following links are a series of SitePoint articles I’ve written on The Art of Pricing:

What Should You Charge? 4 Methods to Avoid

There are many ways to determine what to charge. Here are four to avoid. Read More …

Tried Value-Based Pricing? Try Value-Based Buying

What should you base your pricing on? The answer, of course, is the ever-elusive value. Read More …

Stop Costing and Start Pricing

Want to command higher fees? Don’t let your cost or time determine your price. Read More …

The Art of Pricing

Pricing, like cooking, is an art that requires the right ingredients to make it work. Read More …

Always Have a Higher-Priced Option

Here’s how a higher-priced option can make your price appear more affordable. Read More …

Cheap at Twice the Price: Can Raising Prices Really Bring in More Business?

Most people believe that raising prices equals less business because fewer people will want to do business with them—when the exact opposite may be true. Read More …

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