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When someone on LinkedIn or another online forum asks, “What’s the best way to market my new business?” typical responses are:

The Yellow Pages guy says,“Take out a Yellow Page ad.”

The web guy says, “Get a website.”

The promotional items guy says, “Get some fridge magnets and pens.”

The direct mail guy says, “Send out some postcards.”

The sign guy says, “Put a sign on your car or store front.”

The media guy says, “Take out some radio spots.”

The problem is, when all you have is a hammer (i.e., the type of advertising/marketing you sell), then every problem looks like a nail. The reality is, different types of businesses require different types of advertising and marketing. Reps who try to act like a “trusted adviser” actually have a conflict of interest—they need to sell you their product or service in order to make a commission.

Not so with us. We take an objective look at your business, its products and services, and recommend a course of action that best fits your type of business—not one that happens to fit a particular suite of services we sell.

Many of your competitors have cut back their advertising and marketing because of economic uncertainty. Don’t make the same mistake and miss the opportunity to acquire their customers! If you’re looking for ways to find customers in a down economy—without wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work—then contact me today.

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